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Advanced Facial: The Pigment Balancing Skin Peel

Did you know that your skin is constantly renewing itself? Every month dead skin cells travel from the innermost layer of the epidermis to the surface of the skin in a process called keratinisation. These dead skin cells or corneocytes, still have a vital function in forming the skin barrier, which protects skin from aggressors such as pollution, germs and other irritants. As the cycle continues, they are naturally exfoliated by the skin over time. This prevents the build-up of too many dead cells (which would clog up the skin’s surface) and in turn stimulates new cells to grow.
What happens to our skin when we get older?
As we grow older, this skin renewal process slows down. Rather than a month, keratinisation can take up to 45 days or more, depending on the individual biological activity. This means that dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin, resulting in changes to the skin quality including roughness, enlarged pores, congestion, irritation, and a dull, greyish looking appearance.

What’s an advanced facial?

To help and support a healthy skin renewal process, we strongly advise regular ‘advanced’ facials with an experienced skincare professional, every 4-6 weeks. More than a simple “pampering” facial with relaxing massage techniques, advanced treatments include smart technology such as laser genesis or chemical peels, along with products containing biologically active ingredients to support the health of your skin cells and address your individual skin concerns.

This peel is excellent for photo-damaged, mottled skin as it helps to even out skin tone and reduce the look of pigmentation. Utilising a high concentration of glycolic acid, combined with pure vitamin C and emblica (a natural antioxidant), the SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing Peel delivers powerful exfoliation to accelerate cell renewal and diminish discolouration, whilst also brightening skin.

What to expect:
Skin is double-cleansed to ensure all makeup, excess oil and dead skin cells are removed before applying a ‘degreasing’ booster to help increase the penetration of all peel agents. This is immediately followed with Pigment Balancing Peel. Once the skin starts to turn slightly red (after about 2 minutes) the peel is neutralised with a sodium bicarbonate solution.
Next, a triple antioxidant (such as C E Ferulic) is applied to reduce downtime and help skin’s recovery. This high dose of vitamin C has the added benefit of boosting radiance and evening out skin tone. 
Skin can feel quite warm after this peel treatment, so Phyto Corrective Masque is applied; a cooling gel mask that contains highly concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide and hyaluronic acid. It cools on contact with the skin whilst restoring hydration and smoothness. If needed, a replenishing moisturiser (such as Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2) is then massaged into skin. The final step is to apply a broad-spectrum SPF as the skin is more vulnerable and delicate after the treatment and should not be exposed to UV.